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of the Atlantex


The Atlantex (hereinafter referred to as Atlantex) acts in compliance with privacy and personal data protection provisions. Atlantex respects the right to privacy of its employees, associates, customers and suppliers.


Atlantex pays special attention to protecting their personal data, and utilises proper technological solutions to prevent third parties from violating their privacy. Atlantex declares that it shall endeavour to ensure an appropriate level of security for the data it receives, and that it shall perform actions which prevent third parties from tampering with the personal data and privacy of the data subjects. All personal data received shall be used for the purposes specified herein.


This Privacy Policy specifies the circumstances in which personal data can be collected from Authorised persons, and explains and regulates matters related to their collection, processing and use.


1. Administrator

The Administrator of personal data is Atlantex Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Parkowa 13/17/123, entered into the National Court Register (KRS) maintained by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial division of the National Court Register under KRS No 0000187269, REGON: 012350297, tax ID No: 5211961526, hereinafter referred to as Atlantex.


2. Terms used in the Policy

Authorised person - a person who shares his or her personal data in relation to recruitment, hiring or collaborating with Atlantex, Website user,


Policy - the Atlantex Privacy Policy,


Cookie files - (also referred to as cookies) are electronic data, in particular text files, which are stored on end devices, the purpose of which is to enable the browsing of the Website. Cookie files usually contain the name of the website they originate from, the time period for which they are to be stored on the end device and a unique number.


Website - the websites located at  


3. Personal data

Authorised persons may contact Atlantex directly (including by phone or traditional mail), as well as via our websites at, for the purpose of familiarising themselves with information regarding its activity without the need to share their personal data. The above notwithstanding, certain services or processes may require the Authorised person’s personal data. In such cases, the Authorised person shall be informed about the necessity to share their data and how they will be used, and shall therefore be able to decide whether to share or decline sharing his or her personal data.


Sharing personal data may be required in cases where the Authorised person would like to order Atlantex to render a particular service (e.g. prepare an offer), or if the Authorised person is interested in participating in a recruitment process. In such cases, the Authorised person may be asked to fill out and submit a form/questionnaire containing a clear indication of the type of personal data which will be collected.


In cases where the Authorised person discloses the personal data of a third party in a form/questionnaire (e.g. of a co-worker), it shall be construed by Atlantex that the Authorised person received the appropriate consent of the person whose data he or she discloses.


Data shared by the Authorised person in the above manner shall be used by Atlantex for the sole purpose of rendering the service ordered by the Authorised person or to conduct recruitment proceedings.


4. Use of data

4.1. Rendering services for Authorised persons

Atlantex operates the Website, at the following addresses:, and thereby collects information voluntarily shared by Authorised persons. By informing Atlantex about their interest in its commercial information, Authorised persons consent to being contacted directly, or to Atlantex contacting a third person indicated by them. Data shared in forms shall be processed for the purpose resulting from the function of the given form, e.g. for the purpose of processing a service request or commercial communication. Data shared via forms may be shared with entities which technically render certain services – this applies in particular to sharing information about the owners of registered domains with entities which are operators of web domains, payment service providers or other entities with which Atlantex collaborates in this regard.


Atlantex shall also have the right to share personal data with entities whose involvement in rendering services is necessary (e.g. partners, financial institutions, post offices, local authorities, governments, transport companies). Such entities must use the data shared with them for the sole purpose of collaborating with Atlantex, and shall treat the personal data of Authorised persons as strictly confidential.


Data shared by Authorised persons may also be used for the purpose of maintaining or developing business relations, and also for the purpose of ensuring that services are rendered in an optimal fashion.


4.2. Marketing and PR purposes

Personal data and information shared by Authorised persons via the Website and during conferences, presentations or other events may be used by Atlantex for marketing and PR purposes. Such data may also be shared with selected third parties with which Atlantex collaborates on delivering products and services to its customers, and with which it collaborates in the area of marketing. Personal data shall be used in this manner with the consent of the Authorised person only. The consent given by the Authorised person shall constitute consent to receiving commercial information.


4.3. Recruitment

Atlantex recruits new employees and interns via its internal programmes utilising e-mail, indirectly by using the services of recruitment firms, and as a result of its own actions. Personal data obtained this way shall be used by Atlantex for its own recruitment purposes exclusively. With the express consent of the Authorised person, Atlantex shall have the right to use these data after the above recruitment process is complete as well.


4.4. Service recipients

Personal data may also be transferred to external service providers processing data for Atlantex, i.e. companies which calculate salaries, render legal services, property protection services, website hosting and management services, data analysis services, data backup services, data security and storage services.


5. Personal data storage period

The personal data of candidates collected for recruitment purposes shall be stored for the period necessary to complete the given recruitment process, and with the consent of the Authorised person for a period not exceeding 3 years.

Personal data obtained for hiring purposes are stored for periods specified in archiving provisions, but for a period not exceeding 50 years after the termination of employment.


Personal data obtained for the purpose of rendering a service shall be stored for the warranty period, and until the statute of limitation for claims resulting from these services, and until the statute of limitation for statutory liabilities affected by a given commercial transaction.


6. Modifying personal data

Authorised persons shall have the right to view their data stored by Atlantex and, if necessary, the right to correct or restrict the processing of personal data, and to correct all incorrect or missing personal data, as well as the right to protest against its processing and the right to transfer data. In addition, the Authorised person may, at any time, demand his or her personal data to be deleted from Atlantex’s database. The Authorised person shall have the right to withdraw his or her consent at any time. From the moment such a request is filed, his or her personal data shall no longer be processed for the purpose specified by the Authorised person.


In such cases, a request to modify or delete personal data should be sent by email to the following address: Atlantex declares that requesting personal data be deleted is possible with respect to the laws governing warranty, archiving and statutory liabilities binding in the Republic of Poland.


7. Cookies notice

1. The Website uses cookies.

2. Cookie files are used for the purpose of optimise the use of the Website as well as for the purpose of creation of anonymous, segregated statistics which help us understand how Authorised person use the Website, enabling us to improve its structure and contents;

3. Software used for browsing websites (web browsers) most frequently enables storing cookie files on end devices by default. Web browsers offer the option to delete cookie files. It is also possible to enable blocking cookie files automatically. More information can be found in the browser’s help window or documentation.

4. Cookie restrictions may impact certain functionalities of the Website.

5. Cookie files saved on end devices of Authorised persons may also be used by advertisers and partners partnered with Atlantex.


8. Disclosure required by law

In certain limited circumstances, Atlantex may disclose or share personal data to third parties not related with Atlantex. In particular, Atlantex may share personal data with third parties:

• at the Authorised person’s request;

• for the purpose of fulfilling a legal obligation to which Atlantex is subject;

• for the purpose of carrying out a task in the public interest;

• in relation to selling, purchasing, merging, reorganising, liquidating or dissolving Atlantex, or

• in other cases provided for by law.


9. Data protection

Atlantex shall implement the appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of personal data and to maintain their integrity, regardless of where they are stored. Atlantex uses encryption to ensure the security of data transfers. Atlantex shall not be responsible for any data received from third parties and data transferred via connections which are not secure.

In cases where Atlantex entrusts a third party with processing personal data, Atlantex shall apply due diligence when selecting the third party, assessing the security measures used by the third party, and shall fulfil its auditing duty.


Data entrusted to third parties and processed outside of Atlantex premises are protected in a way which ensures their security.


10. Transferring data to third countries

Atlantex does not transfer Authorised person data to third countries. Atlantex does transfer Employees data to third countries to the extent described in an information submitted each time to the individual employee.


11. Links to websites of other companies/organisations

Atlantex websites may contain links to websites of other companies or organisations. Atlantex shall not be responsible for the procedures and mechanisms used by those companies/organisations as regards privacy protection, or for the contents of those websites.


12. Change notice period

Material changes to the Policy shall be announced on the Atlantex website in the form of notifications displayed for 30 consecutive days.


13. Questions and complains regarding privacy protection

All questions and complains related to the processing of personal data by Atlantex should be sent to:

4mk- grafika

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